4 Must-Know Facts about Residential Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps help to circulate water in the pool to remove impurities and mix chemicals used for cleaning. The pump works by pulling water from the main drain and skimmers and pushing it through a series of systems for filtration, heating and sanitisation. The water is then pumped back into the pool where the process starts all over again. Therefore, the pump is integral to the proper functioning of a swimming pool. Read More 

Beware of These Signs of Blocked or Damaged Drains and Pipes

Every homeowner should know the signs of blocked or damaged drains or pipes in the home, and of damaged pipes outside the home as well. Ignoring any type of blockage or even a small leak or crack in plumbing pipes can lead to a major plumbing disaster, as well as more expensive repair bills down the road. However, keep in mind that a blocked drain or damaged pipe doesn't always mean that water won't drain away, or that toilets will get clogged and won't flush. Read More 

Answering Your Questions About Blocked Drains in the Home

Drains that get blocked persistently should never be overlooked, as this can signal a serious problem with the home's plumbing, and the need for some major repairs. You also want to be careful about trying to manage this type of persistent problem on your own, as it's easy for homeowners to make simple and common mistakes in trying to clear clogs, and which can actually wind up damaging the home's plumbing pipes and connectors. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

If you own or manage a commercial facility of any sort, you want to ensure you call a commercial plumber as soon as you notice any issues with the plumbing in that building to avoid more serious problems down the road. Note a few important details about the plumbing in a commercial facility and when it's especially important to call a commercial plumber for assistance, so your building's plumbing is always in good repair. Read More 

How to Add Value and Comfort to Your Home’s Bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation, you might want to consider changing more than just the tile and wall colour. Some changes you make in the bath during a renovation can add comfort and convenience, and some may even add value to your home! This doesn't mean that you need to overspend on luxurious items in the bathroom, but to ensure your renovation includes features that do make the space comfortable, and that might add some value as well, note a few suggestions to keep in mind. Read More