Low Water Pressure in Your Home? Here are 4 Factors That Call For the Installation of a Booster Pump

Low water pressure in a home can be due to various plumbing problems, such as leaks, clogged pipes, corroded pipes and faulty pressure regulators. However, not all instances of low water pressure occur from faults in the plumbing. Some can result from issues that you cannot solve through repairs. In these cases, the only way to resolve the water pressure issue is to install a booster pump. Below are the four common factors that require you to install a pressure booster pump in your home.

Multi-storey home

In conventional plumbing systems, the water that enters a home is usually under pressure. Therefore, it has enough pressure to travel to all the access points, including the upstairs rooms. However, low water pressure at the mains can prevent water from travelling upstairs. Therefore, faucets, showers, bathtubs and laundry appliances on the upper floors may not get adequate water. In this case, you need a pressure booster pump to increase the pressure of the water and propel it to the upstairs access points.

Poorly designed plumbing

Plumbing design can cause a noticeable change in the water pressure at the mains and the access points. For example, if your pipes are designed with many bends, they can affect how water travels through them to the faucets and showerheads. Every time the water hits a sharp corner, it loses some of its momentum and pressure. Therefore, numerous bends can significantly lower water pressure. Since redesigning the piping system can be costly, your best option is to install a pressure booster pump.

Low water flow at the mains

Water flow refers to the amount of water passing through a pipe at a time. Therefore, a high flow usually translates into high pressure. The flow rate of the water from the municipal supply can affect water pressure in your home. If the flow is low, the pressure may be low as well. This problem may worsen if you have plumbing pipes with a small diameter. If you are experiencing constant water pressure problems at the main supply line, consider installing a booster pump. 

Increased water demand

Your plumbing system can only deliver a specified amount of water at a time. If the water usage exceeds what the system can provide, the water flow will reduce. A decreased water flow rate will affect the water pressure as well. Therefore, if you use water at multiple access points simultaneously, you may experience a low flow rate and low water pressure. Use a pressure pump to boost the pressure and during peak usage times.

Are you experiencing low water pressure even after adjusting your pressure valve? If so, install a booster pump like a Davey pump to increase water pressure in your home.