Why DIY Remedies Aren’t That Good At Fixing Blocked Drains

Many people have been in a situation where they have a blocked drain and nothing seemed to fix it. If you are currently putting up with this problem, then it is important to know that there are a few good reasons why some blocked drains do not respond well to DIY solutions. They could, in fact, be making it worse if you aren't careful. Here is why you should always call a plumber when it comes to a blocked drain.

Cracked Pipes

In some instances, you can actually crack the pipes when trying to dislodge blockages in your drains. They are, after all, not meant to withstand a lot of pressure and force, and if they are quite old or beat up, then the drain will not react well to plungers. The only thing worse than a blocked drain is a blocked drain that is now cracked and leaking wastewater all throughout your home. Plumbers know how to dislodge blockages without the risks attached from a homemade solution that you might read online or watch a tutorial on.

Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners only work in some instances, and they are also exceptionally toxic liquids that are dangerous to keep around and can pose a serious threat to children and pets. At best, they may burn a slight hole through the blockage and then in a few weeks or months, the drain will be closed again. At worst, they will have no impact and simply stink up your bathroom even more. Plumbers generally stay away from chemical cleaners and instead use very precise tools that they can navigate through to the blockage and clear it out, either with a maneuverable pole or pressurised water. 

Impossible Situations

Most DIY solutions to blocked drains assume that the problem at hand is just that: a blocked drain. In some instances, this is not actually the case and it is instead much more serious. For instance, your pipes could have been cracked due to construction work or have been invaded by tree roots. Both of those instances will not be helped by any DIY solution you can think of. That is why it is always safer to call for a professional plumber because not only can they do a better job at removing a blockage, but they will also be able to identify other, more serious problems and save you a lot of time and money.