Why Choose a Tankless Hot Water System?

When contemplating hot water system installation, one of the decisions you need to make is whether to opt for a tankless hot water system or one that includes a hot water storage tank. Each type of system has its advantages and drawbacks, but here are a few reasons why a tankless system might work better for you.

1. You Want Immediate Hot Water Any Time of Day

Tankless hot water systems heat water only when you need it, rather than heating it in advance and storing it in a tank for later use. As a result, you can take a shower or bath at any time of day and be sure that the system will supply all the hot water you need. This set-up is ideal for anyone who has an irregular schedule or simply values the ability to be spontaneous.

2. You Have a Small Household

If you live in a big house with multiple bathrooms and appliances that are likely to be in use at once, then a hot water storage tank can make sense. However, in smaller households where simultaneous demands for hot water are rare, a tankless system is typically the most convenient option to meet your needs.

3. You Want to Reduce Energy Wastage

Heated water inside a storage tank gradually loses heat to the environment, even if the tank is insulated to slow this process down as much as possible. Unless you keep a regular schedule that involves using all the water right after it is heated, a hot water system with a tank is likely to waste energy. In contrast, tankless systems, which heat water on demand, involve a lot less energy wastage and can therefore lower your bills.

4. You Value Storage Space

Hot water tanks take up a large amount of space. While this might not be so much of a problem in a very large home with few occupants, many families in smaller homes may find themselves struggling to find enough storage space for all their belongings. Choosing a hot water system that does not include a tank can help you to keep more of your space for yourself.

5. You Want to Avoid Maintenance Bills

Hot water tanks require maintenance: they can develop leaks, sediment that needs flushing out or rust. Tankless systems do not come with these maintenance requirements, so you should end up facing fewer situations in which you need to call on a hot water plumber for help.