What You Should Know About Trenchless Sewer Replacement Via the Pipe Bursting Method

A conventional sewer replacement project requires digging a sizeable trench in your yard in order to remove the old pipe and replace it with a new one. This is not only costly and time-consuming but will also create a big mess on your residential landscape.

With the advent of trenchless sewer replacement, you can now get your damaged sewer line replaced without carrying out extensive excavation in your yard. One of the most preferred methods of trenchless sewer repair is pipe bursting. This sewer replacement method offers huge benefits to modern homeowners. 

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is exactly what it sounds like — tearing the existing pipe asunder while simultaneously replacing it with a new one made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is achieved by inserting the head of the pipe bursting equipment (called the bursting head) on one end of the existing pipe and then pulling a cable attached to it from the other end of the pipe. As the bursting head is pulled, it tears off the existing pipe while laying a new pipe behind it.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Pipe Bursting Method?

As an alternative to the traditional trenched sewer line replacement, pipe bursting provides a variety of great advantages. These include but are not limited to the ones highlighted below: 

Minimises Disruption to Your Landscape

Sewer line replacement with pipe bursting significantly reduces the amount of digging you need to do to install a new sewer pipe. Rather than unearthing a long stretch of land to reach the damaged sewer pipe buried outside, you only need to dig up two pits — an entry pit and an exit pit. One pit is located where the sewer line connects to your home while the other pit is dug where the sewer pipe exits the property. As a result, pipe bursting helps keep your landscape intact.

Reduces the Cost of Sewer Pipe Replacement

If you're like other budget-conscious homeowners, you care about the cost of sewer line replacement. The pipe bursting technique not only minimises disruption to your residential landscape but will also reduce the cost of your sewer replacement project due to the reduced amount of digging required to lay a new pipe. Plus, you'll spend less money rehabilitating your home and landscape.

Saves Time

Traditional sewer line replacement can take days or even weeks, depending on the length, size, and depth of the sewer pipe to be excavated and replaced. Thanks to the pipe bursting process, you can have your old or damaged sewer pipe replaced within 24 hours, hence you don't have to seek alternative accommodation while your sewer line is getting replaced.

A common misconception is that pipe bursting creates a new sewer that's smaller in diameter than the old one. This isn't true, as the new pipe will be exactly the same size as the old one. For more information, contact a plumbing service near you.