3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Handling Hot Water Installation

Everyone wants to have a steady and reliable supply of hot water in their home. Whether you have installed a gas water heater or an electric one, you expect it to serve you for a long time without constant breakdowns and the need for replacements.

It is important to note that most of the issues that plague hot water systems and the supply of hot water in homes start right from the installation. The mistakes occur because of the many loopholes during the installation process. If you are not careful, therefore, you might overlook critical details and experience water problems later.

Working with a competent plumber is one of the simplest ways to avoid mistakes in hot water installation. Here are the three common mistakes that homeowners make when installing hot water systems and how to avoid them.

1. Mismatching the Heater Size and Your Needs

The main mistakes homeowners make when installing water heaters are choosing a unit that is either too large or too small for their needs. For instance, if your house has three bathrooms, the ideal hot water tank should have a capacity of at least one hundred and seventy-five litres. If you are not sure what capacity will serve your needs best, it is advisable to consult with a professional plumber.

Note that water heaters have a high running cost, and you need to choose the design carefully. Solar heaters are expensive, but after the installation, they are the cheapest. Gas heaters are affordable, but they are only available to homeowners close to gas lines.

2. Installing the Wrong Types of Metal Pipes

Ideally, your hot water tank should have either brass or copper connectors. This is because most plumbing pipes in the home are made of copper, which is compatible with the connector metal. If your house has galvanized steel plumbing and you buy a tank with brass or copper, you risk creating electric and corrosive charge between the pipes. This can speed up the rate at which they wear out.

3. Choosing the Wrong Valves

The temperature and pressure valves are the most critical component of the hot water tank. When the water gets too hot, and its pressure rises, the valve opens to release some pressure. If the valve is poorly installed, the water will force its way out of the tank and could cause scalding accidents in the house.

The crucial thing to remember is to engage a professional in the hot water tank installation process. The experts can help you choose the right tank and accessories and install them correctly for easy and convenient hot water supply in the home.

For more information, contact a hot water system service.