The New Way To Fix Broken Pipes Without The High Price Tag

Your connection to the water main is probably the oldest part of your home's infrastructure and these pipes can go through a lot of damage without you even realising it. When you finally do start noticing a problem often your plumber will say it is too late and that you need a complete replacement. This is a very costly procedure but for a long time, it was the only way to fix a pipe that had been corrupted by roots or one that walls had corroded over time. Luckily now your plumber can offer a new solution: pipe relining.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Instead of having to re-dig all the trenches and remove all of the current piping, pipe-relining is a process in which a resin or resin-like substance is inserted into the pipe and used to coat the inner lining. This material then hardens and forms a strong bond with the undamaged sections of the pipe while covering up the cracks and holes. This mixture differs between different pipe relining plumbers but it is always just as strong or stronger than the original piping  You can tell this is true because your plumber will likely offer a multi-decade warranty for it, giving you the peace of mind that the problem will not arise again.

Is There Any Work Done Before Pipe Relining?

Most of the time, the cracks in your piping come from tree roots, and these have to be eliminated before the pipe relining begins. To do this, plumbers use special, miniature tools that can fit inside your piping. Sometimes they use extremely precise water blasts and other times they use mechanical cutters; it all depends on the circumstances. Then, once the pipe is free and clear of all debris they can start the process of pipe relining.

Why Should You Not Just Get New Pipes?

Apart from the obvious cost of digging up your old pipes and replacing them, pipe relining provides another distinct advantage. Because your pipe relining plumber offers such a long warranty (anywhere from 20-50 years) the next time you might need a new pipe the technology will be far superior and easier to install. There is no drop in quality from your regular pipe to a relined pipe and it also saves you from the arduous process of watching your garden be torn up while the new piping is being installed. In short, pipe relining has all the advantages of digging up and replacing your piping with none of the negatives.

For more information, reach out to a local plumber.