Hot Water Systems- What Options Are out There?

Running hot water is an essential need, vital to the smooth functioning of our day to day lives. Without hot water, our lives can be severely disrupted. This is why it is so important to choose a reliable and efficient hot water system for your home. One that is suited to your home's hot water needs and will not break the bank. Many make the mistake of going for the cheapest option available or opt for the first suggestion given to them. However, you must take the time to assess your needs and do your own research. Nowadays, a range of hot water systems is available, including gas, electric, solar as well as heat pump units. Some hot water systems will even let you select the exact hot water temperature you want at the touch of a button!

Let's take a look at what each of these hot water systems has to offer:

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are a popular option. They come in two options: instantaneous and storage. Instantaneous hot water system you have exactly that -- instant hot water at your fingertips, no storage tank in sight. Instead of water heated up then being stored in a tank, in an instantaneous system, the system instantly warms cold water as it's needed. This will save you money on energy bills as electricity is not being used to keep water heated. In addition to this, the wall mounted unit is small and compact and won't take up much room.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric hot water systems are cheap and quick to install. They also come in a range of sizes to suit your family's hot water needs. However, keep in mind that they are the most expensive to run and your electricity bills will shoot up. 

Solar Hot Water Systems

This type of hot water system consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. The storage tank will include an additional electric booster or gas booster element to make sure you have hot water on days when the sun doesn't come out. However, solar hot water systems are relatively expensive to install with high initial costs. Government rebates may be available to help you out.

Heat Pump

This is another energy-efficient hot water system that will save you money in running costs. Heat pumps extract heat from the air and use it to heat the water inside the tank. These are also initially expensive to install, but government rebates are frequently available.

You have a wide range of options to choose from; make sure to calculate your hot water needs before you make a final decision! For more information, contact a company like Parramatta Hot Water Service today.