Why Is Your Hot Water System Making Popping Noises?

If you've had your hot water system for a good few years, then you'll be used to it making sounds when it heats up water. You're probably so used to these noises that you don't even notice them any longer. One day, however, you may start to hear unusual noises like bubbles popping coming from the system as it heats up. Why is this happening and is it a sign of a serious problem?

Why Is Your Hot Water System Popping?

While it's not uncommon to hear popping sounds coming from hot water systems, it's not the usual type of noise they make. Generally, if your system sounds like a kid merrily blowing bubbles out of a bubble machine and then popping them, then this may be a warning that you are getting or already have a problem.

Popping in hot water systems usually occurs when the tank gets a big build-up of sediment inside. This sediment usually sits at the bottom of the water and doesn't do any harm. However, if you have a lot of sediment or if it clumps together, then water can get trapped under it.

As your system starts working, the water tries to get out through the sediment. This is usually the reason why you hear pops. As water pushes through the sediment layer, it makes bubbles that then pop.

Are Popping Sounds Serious?

If you only hear the occasional pop, then you don't need to worry too much. However, if you haven't had your hot water system serviced for a while, then it's worth booking an appointment for your plumber to do this. It may be a sign that sediment is starting to accumulate in your hot water system. It's best to remove this build-up periodically.

If you hear a lot of popping noises every time your hot water system turns on, then you should consider calling your plumber out sooner rather than later. If you have so much sediment in your system that it is regularly getting in the way of the water, then you need to have the system checked.

While water pops may not seem serious, bear in mind that large amounts of sediment can damage parts of the system itself. For example, it can block and damage pipes and connections. You'll save money in the long run by having your sediment problem dealt with before it leads to more serious problems. Reach out to a plumber who knows about electric hot water systems for more information.