Its Time To Think About Your Hot Water System

We all love using hot water in our homes, especially in our showers and baths. There is nothing quite as relaxing or refreshing as a stream of hot water on your back, but in many houses this is preceded by an uncomfortably long stream of cold water. You might not even realise that you can get your hot water system upgraded and cut down on the waiting period. That is just one of the many advances that have come along in the last few years as modern plumbing continues to find new ways to improve our habits in the bathroom.

Cut Down On Waiting Periods

The main improvement with every new generation of water heating systems is the constant reduction of a waiting period while the hot water system responds to a command. The important thing to realise is that you may be so accustomed to a long waiting period that you do not even realise that it is long. If you have had your hot water system for a decade or longer there is no doubt you would be able to shorten this wait. Even for those who have had it for 5 or less years, or those who moved into a new house and assumed the hot water system was new, there is a very good possibility that you can already have your system upgraded. Call your local plumber or specialist hot water service and check that you are getting the best out of your hot water service.

Consider Swapping To Solar Hot Water

The second thing people immediately think of after the wait time is the cost of their system. For a long time there were only two distinct types of hot water system, you either had on demand hot water systems or storage hot water systems. On demand systems created hot water when you turn the tap on while storage systems kept hot water in a tank at a certain temperature, ready for use at all times. The main cost in both of these systems was the gas or electricity used to heat the water rather than the water itself. However, solar hot water systems have begun gaining popularity and are much cheaper to run. The water is heated through solar power and, if the water isn't quite hot enough (due heavy use during low sunlight hours), you can push a boost button that will then heat the water with electricity. Solar water systems are more expensive to install, but over time, they are a great way to save money on hot water while not sacrificing the quality of the service. 

Think About The Position Of Your Hot Water System

A major factor in many cases of heated water not reaching the desired temperature can be the distance the water has to cover from the storage hot water system to your tap or shower. Think about whether you need to either upgrade your water system or whether it is possible to perhaps move the storage hot water system to a more effective position. Discuss this with your local plumber or hot water service provider for a quote and more advice.

If you are settling for lukewarm showers or freezing your hands while washing them with ice cold water, then these are a few steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most from your hot water service provider. The most important thing is to not settle for second best and to realise you can and should enjoy every interaction with hot water in your house.