What You Need to Know About Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

If you own or manage a commercial facility of any sort, you want to ensure you call a commercial plumber as soon as you notice any issues with the plumbing in that building to avoid more serious problems down the road. Note a few important details about the plumbing in a commercial facility and when it's especially important to call a commercial plumber for assistance, so your building's plumbing is always in good repair.

Water running

If any employee or tenant of your building reports the sound of water running overhead or behind the walls, don't ignore their complaint. This sound often means that there is a water leak or open trap or vent that is causing water to run unnecessarily. This can increase your overall water bill and also reduce water pressure in the building's plumbing, which can lead to clogs and other serious plumbing issues. A commercial plumber can use specialised equipment to find the source of the leak or clog so it can be addressed as quickly as possible.


If there is a sound of gurgling coming from any sinks or toilets in your building, and especially if the water drains slowly or bubbles as it drains, you want to call a commercial plumber. This gurgling often means that there is a clog somewhere in the plumbing lines or that air has gotten into the lines and the water is moving slowly through the pipes.

Because there are so many pipes that are connected to each other in commercial buildings, it's good to call a plumber rather than thinking you can use drain cleaner or a plunger to address this problem, as the actual clog or trapped air may be in a completely different part of the building than the area that is gurgling and bubbling. If left unchecked, these problems can also lead to water leaks and cracked pipes, so have this problem inspected by a commercial plumber as soon as possible.

Ceiling stains

Never overlook ceiling stains in your commercial building, as this often means that there is a water leak somewhere in the pipes. However, you also don't want to simply tape up a pipe directly above that stain and assume you've made a repair, as the water could actually be dripping from a leak in another area. This is why it's good to call a commercial plumber and have him or her find the actual leak and make proper repairs, and then you can have the ceiling fixed as well.