Plumbing Leaks That Could Be Attracting Pests

Plumbing leaks are an-all around hassle: they drive up your monthly water bills, damage your floors, and make a mess of your house. Well, there's more. Leaks also attract uninvited house guests, insects and rodents. Household pests are attracted to leaks in poorly maintained drains, gutters and roofs.

Like humans, insects and rodents need water to survive, and just a little drop will do the trick. Plumbing leaks, especially those hidden from view create the ideal oasis for the uninvited guest to set up camp without your knowledge. Here are a few areas you should keep an eye on.

Under your refrigerator  

The underside of your refrigerator is the cockroaches' perfect hiding area. It's even more like home when water starts pooling underneath. Even the smallest leak will provide enough water supply for a cockroach's extended family.

As such, it's important to keep an eye on the underside of your refrigerator especially if your refrigerator's ice maker is made of plastic.

Underneath water utilizing appliances

Appliances such as a washing machine and a dishwasher utilize gallons upon gallons of water every time you use them. These appliances make the perfect home for insects since they are dark and contain moisture. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to make sure the unwanted house guests are not building a home inside these appliances.

Also, it's important to keep an out for any malfunction as it can lead to serious leakage. Make sure to call your plumber if either one of these appliances begins to malfunction.

Leaky faucets

Leaky home drains are the perfect breeding ground for irritating insects such as drain flies, commonly known as moth flies. Sudden recurring sightings of insects could lead to an unseen leak in your faucets or the less than noticeable slow drip on your shower head.

Monthly check-ups of the parts of each faucet, especially those underneath the sink, are crucial to keeping pests out of your home.

Basement plumbing

Most of your home's plumbing runs through the basement and along the ceiling. These crawl places stand a high chance of insect infestation due to the high moisture levels. Unseen leaks in crawl places only add to the risk of being infested by pets. Brown stains on the ceiling of your basement could be an indication of a leak.

Who knew a plumbing issue could be the reason why your house attracts all sorts of insects? To stop or avoid the creepy crawlies from taking up residence in your home, make sure you prioritize plumbing maintenance services.