How to Add Value and Comfort to Your Home’s Bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation, you might want to consider changing more than just the tile and wall colour. Some changes you make in the bath during a renovation can add comfort and convenience, and some may even add value to your home! This doesn't mean that you need to overspend on luxurious items in the bathroom, but to ensure your renovation includes features that do make the space comfortable, and that might add some value as well, note a few suggestions to keep in mind.


Not all bathrooms can accommodate a full bathtub, much less a separate soaking tub or Jacuzzi. However, you may still want to soak in the shower as a means to relax. To make room for this, add seating to the shower area. A wood bench along the back of the shower can create a spa-like feeling and a place to relax; this seating can even make it easier to clean your feet, shave your legs, and handle other grooming that would require uncomfortable bending while in the shower.


Many homeowner like to have eco-friendly and energy-efficient options in a home, so incorporating these features into your bathroom renovation may add value. Install faucets with motion detectors that shut off when nothing is under them, to save water; these are commonly used in commercial establishments and are very affordable. Low-flow showerheads and timers in the showers can also cut down on water consumption, as can low-flow toilets and urinals. These features are also usually very affordable and easy to install during a remodel.

Natural elements

Because bathrooms typically need lots of solid tile in order to avoid moisture collecting on the walls and floors, this can make the space feel stark and sterile. To offset this, bring in some natural elements that will tone down this look and make the bathroom seem cosier and more relaxing. This might include a wood vanity or wood planks along one wall, or vinyl timber-look flooring. You can even add a fireplace that works on propane or lava rocks, both of which need no ventilation. These small fireplaces can be inserted into a wall for a bit of warmth, and the flickering fire will also tone down all that harsh tile. If you have the budget and the bathroom does not have a floor above it, install a skylight and add a shelf specifically for plants, as this will also create a natural feeling in the space that keeps it relaxing and inviting.