Top 5 Perks That Make PVC Pipes a Perfect Alternative to Copper Pipes for Water Supply Applications

Historically, copper pipes have been the piping product of choice for homes and commercial buildings in most towns and cities across Australia. In recent times, however, PVC piping is increasingly being favoured as an alternative to copper pipes because of the many practical benefits that it has to offer.

Read on below to find out the key qualities that make PVC piping a great alternative to copper pipes when it comes to residential and commercial water supply applications.

PVC pipes do not rust or corrode

One of the most notable advantages of PVC pipes over their copper counterparts is that they are unaffected by the elements that cause rust and/or corrosion. This makes them perfect for use in areas with acidic soils, which can be unusually aggressive to copper. In addition, PVC piping is also not affected by corrosion caused by chemically treated water.

PVC pipes are less expensive to buy

The amount of energy and capital required to fabricate copper pipes is far greater compared to that required to manufacture PVC pipes. For that reason, PVC pipes are an ideal option for homeowners and businesses working with a smaller budget.

PVC pipes are easier to install

PVC piping is not just cheaper to buy, but also much easier to install. This type of piping is lighter than copper piping and therefore a lot easier to carry around and place in position. What is more, it eliminates the hassle of metal pipe clamping.

PVC pipes provide heat insulation

Where thermal performance is desired, PVC pipes are a great option. Unlike copper pipes that may require extra insulation to prevent heat loss, PVC pipes provide excellent heat insulation. This makes them a great choice for supplying water from hot water systems.

PVC pipes are quite durable

While there is no doubt that copper piping is strong and long-lasting, PVC pipes are also quite durable. These pipes are made of special-grade plastics that offer superior resistance to wear and tear when compared to regular plastics. Therefore,both homeowners and businesses can expect years of service from their PVC pipes.

As you have read yourself, PVC pipes provides a lot of essential benefits that make it a suitable alternative to the copper pipes that are typically used in water supply applications. If you think these pipes are a good investment in your water supply system, contact a professional plumber to help you with the installation job.