Potential Causes of Leaks That Mandate an Immediate Hot Water Service

You likely do not pay any mind to your water heater when it is in working order. It is only when showering, washing dishes and so on become a challenge due to a lack of hot water that would make one start troubleshooting the underlying cause of failure. Yet, hot water issues rarely manifest overnight. In fact, if you pay close attention, you will probably notice some subtle signs of an underlying problem long before the system gives out completely. And one such sign is the onset of leaks. The moment you see water droplets or puddles close to the water heater, it is crucial that you stop using this appliance until you have sought professional hot water servicing. Read on to learn about a couple of the potential causes of leaks that mandate an immediate hot water service.

Defective inlet connections

The inlet connections refer to the links between the water heater's hose and your plumbing's shutoff valves. Over time, high water pressure coupled with repetitive use will lead to the inlet connection valves to loosen and this causes water to leak from the heater. You may also experience problems with the inlet connections if you are storing heavy objects along with the water heater. These bulky items can exert pressure onto the hose, which leads to kinks forming and eventual damage to the inlet connections. To check for this type of leak, simply inept the water heater line. If you notice moisture dripping from it, it is advisable to first switch off the shutoff valves and then enlist hot water services immediately.

Damaged gaskets

For your water heater to function, it relies on electrical parts that are tasked with controlling the heat produced by this system. Thus, to ensure that these electrical components are not exposed to moisture, they are protected by rubberised elements that are water-resistant. Nonetheless, these components are not immune to wear. Over the years, continual exposure to boiling hot water will lead to the hardening of the rubber. The harder the components become, the more brittle they are and this makes them susceptible to degradation. Once the gaskets start to deteriorate, you will begin to notice water leaking out the water heater. Take note, this issue poses the risk of electrical parts being exposed to moisture so you should never investigate the condition of the gaskets on your own. Instead, it is imperative to enlist hot water services right away.

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