What Are Pickle Passivated Floor Waste Gullies?

Installing stainless steel draining grates, like gullies, in your restaurant's kitchen floor helps you keep things hygienic and safe. These gullies connect to your plumbing waste system, carrying water and other fluids away through the floor. So, if you have a spill or need to wash your floor, the gullies will carry away excess water. This helps your floors dry more quickly so that they are safe to walk on.

As you look at gully options, you'll see that some grates are pickle passivated. What is pickle passivation and what are its benefits?

What Is a Pickle Passivated Gully?

Pickle passivation is a way of treating stainless steel to make it stronger and more resistant to corrosion and damage. These processes are applied to the steel during the manufacturing process to make sure that it doesn't contain anything on its surface that might contaminate it later and make it corrode.

Both pickling and passivation treatments basically use acids to remove any layers of damaged material that might have come on to the steel during its manufacture. Substances like scale, oxides or other contaminants will ultimately weaken the steel's surface integrity. The acids strip the surface of the stainless steel back until it is sound. They create a protective layer on the metal to make it stronger and more resistant to corrosion.

Why Install Pickle Passivated Gullies?

While stainless steel is a strong and resistant material in itself, it'll come up against a lot of different substances and general wear and tear when it sits on your kitchen's floor. Over time, the metal may rust and degrade if it isn't in tip-top condition. If you buy pickle passivated waste gullies, then you know that you are getting a premium product. The steel has been treated to make sure that there is nothing on its surface that could damage it as it ages.

A pickle passivated gully is also less likely to become damaged by anything it encounters in its working life. It has had any weak spots removed. So, these gullies are a good bet. They'll stay in good shape and in good working order for longer than gullies that haven't been treated this way.

To find out more about pickle passivated waste gullies and grates, talk to services such as HYDRO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS. They can show you examples of suitable products that will fit into your kitchen floor. They can also install the gullies for you and make sure they are correctly hooked up to your waste system.