Beware of These Signs of Blocked or Damaged Drains and Pipes

Every homeowner should know the signs of blocked or damaged drains or pipes in the home, and of damaged pipes outside the home as well. Ignoring any type of blockage or even a small leak or crack in plumbing pipes can lead to a major plumbing disaster, as well as more expensive repair bills down the road.

However, keep in mind that a blocked drain or damaged pipe doesn't always mean that water won't drain away, or that toilets will get clogged and won't flush. There are many other signs of blocked drains and needed plumbing repairs in a home, so note a few of those signs here, and you'll know when to call a plumber for blocked drain clearing and will ensure you keep your home's plumbing in good repair.

Problems across multiple drains and fixtures

Remember that all the plumbing pipes in your home typically connect to each other and to the same pipes outside your home. This means that a clog, leak, or other such issue with one pipe can lead to problems with another drain or fixture in the home.

For example, if you run the washing machine and notice soapy water backing up into the bathtub, this often means a clog in the pipes in the laundry room, which is causing water to back up into the bathroom's pipes. If you run the bathroom faucet and the toilet begins to bubble or gurgle, this can also mean a cracked pipe or other leak that is causing air to back up into the toilet bowl. Be sure you note which fixture is being used and which one is showing signs of trouble, and mention this to your plumber so they can determine which pipes have clogs or leaks and need repair.

Sewage smell

A sewage smell outside your home can mean a leaking septic tank or damage to the city's pipes. Inside the home, however, a sewage smell from any of the home's drains or fixtures can indicate a clog in the interior pipes, even if the toilet flushes and water runs down all the drains. Solid waste is probably not being removed from the home's pipes properly and is building up along that clogged area, causing that smell. This odour can travel back up any number of pipes, so you might notice it from a sink or bathtub in the home, and not just the home's toilets. This type of clog can get worse and may cause a burst pipe, so be sure to call a plumber as soon as you notice this smell.